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Where the Musical Magic Happens

Across The Road, LLC, was established in 2015, and officially launched in 2019. This studio is run by David Ehninger. Our studio provides a full range of music production services including song consultation, arrangement, pre-production, recording, mixing, and videography. We work with a broad range of artist and musical tastes. We excel with artists seeking more than a cookie cutter approach to capturing their songs. At Across The Road, we pride ourselves on the approach we take to planning and execution of the projects. We believe in setting expectations for effort and cost that are realistic.


My experience at Across the Road yielded my most successful release to date and I truly believe it wouldn’t have been the same without the experience we had while recording at ATR.

David is an expert in his field with his fingers (and ears) on the pulse of the music industry. The studio space is extremely comfortable to work in; Even after 8 or 10 hour days I still found myself excited to jump right back in when driving up to the studio the next
morning. I plan to continue recording here and will recommend others to reach out and do the same!”


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